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Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

Kivett Productions was hired by Touchdown Entertainment to produce two audience card stunts and one field card stunt for the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show which featured Coldplay, Beyonce’ and Bruno Mars. 72,000 fans at Levi’s Stadium participated in the audience card stunts which took 120 workers 10 hours to install. 265 performers made up the field card stunt which was the Pepsi logo (Pepsi was the Halftime Show sponsor).
Joe Kivett
February 22, 2016

Texas A&M Card Stunt – The World’s Largest Non-NASCAR Stunt – 2015

Kivett Productions created a Card Stunt with 102,000+ Texas A&M fans during the Auburn vs. Texas A&M Football Game on November 7, 2015. The Card Stunt holds the record as the World’s Largest Card Stunt performed in a football stadium. (Kivett Productions produced the World’s Largest Card Stunt ever at the Bristol Motor Speedway with 128,000 cards.) The Card Stunt promoted a $4 Billion Capital Campaign that was announced on November 5.
Joe Kivett
November 7, 2015

University of Iowa – 2014

On November 1, 2014, Kivett Productions created two Card Stunts for the Hawkeyes with 71,000 cards. The first Card Stunt was a patriotic salute to Veterans, and the second Card Stunt promoted the America Needs Farmers (ANF) initiative. The Card Stunts were sponsored by the Iowa Farm Bureau
Joe Kivett
November 1, 2014
Iowa Hawkeyes Basketball Card Stunt BlogVideos

Iowa Hawkeyes Men’s Basketball Card Stunt By Kivett Productions

Kivett Productions provided a card stunt for the Iowa Hawkeyes at the Iowa vs. Wisconsin basketball game on February 22, 2014. The first stunt was performed during the National Anthem, and the second stunt was performed right after the National Anthem. The card stunts were sponsored by the Eastern Iowa Airport. Interesting note...the Wisconsin Basketball Team moved 100+ cards after their practice in the Carver-Hawkeye Arena the night before the card stunt happened. Fortunately the production team was able to fix the stunt before the fans arrived for the game.
Joe Kivett
March 1, 2014
Army-Navy-Game-Stadium-Card-Stunt BlogVideos

Army Navy Game Stadium Card Stunt

This is a video of the December 8, 2012, Army Navy Game Stadium Card Stunt. The card stunt spelled out AMERICA'S GAME with stars and stripes, and it included over 60,000 people. Listen at the end as the crowd chants USA, USA, USA.
Joe Kivett
December 8, 2012