Card Stunts allow sponsors to place their promotional materials in the hands of their target audience, for the duration of the event.  No other in-stadium or in-arena advertising has the impact of Card Stunts.

Kivett Productions currently has numerous NFL Teams, NCAA Teams, NASCAR Tracks, and Major League Baseball Teams that would like to include card stunts in their Fan Experience Program. If you are a sponsor looking for a unique way to spend your sponsorship dollars, please contact Kivett Productions and we will try to pair you up with one of our many clients.

Click on the link below to view our two-minute sponsorship video.  Learn how to show potential sponsors that Card Stunts are an excellent marketing platform that creates an amazing return on investment.

We can print sponsor logos and coupons on the back side of the cards.

Your Promotional Materials in the Hands of Your Target Audience, For the Duration of the Event.

Kivett Productions Card Stunts are the ultimate marketing medium. No other advertising vehicle offers sports fans the opportunity to be “part of the show.” Our card stunts average nearly 100% audience participation…try getting that kind of involvement with any other advertising or marketing medium!


Contact us or call 407-342-0752 for more information and a cost estimate.

Stadium Card Stunts