Card stunts are one of the great spectacles associated with sporting events. They create “Magical Moments” that are cherished and remembered forever. Corporations use card stunts for team building experiences while producing incredible marketing images.

Below are some benefits associated with including a card stunt in your next event:

For event producers, card stunts will…

  • Ensure that the seats are full for your show. We rehearse the card stunts prior to the show, which creates excitement and offers incentive for fans to remain in their seats during the show. The people who participate in the card stunt are excited to stay in their seat because they are part of the show.
  • Provide your audience with a fun, memorable and interactive way to be part of the show while creating the largest possible custom backdrop for your show.

For event sponsors, card stunts will…

  • Showcase your name and logo in front of a large live audience and television audience (assuming the event is televised).
  • Attract national and local television and print media exposure.
  • Generate greater audience recall compared to traditional forms of advertising.
  • Display your name and logo in the largest format possible.
  • Provide the opportunity to print your name, logo, message or call-to-action on each individual card.
  • Provide the opportunity to place a coupon, brochure or product sample in the plastic bags that hold the cards.
  • Create the opportunity to videotape and/or photograph the event for future advertising and promotional campaigns.
  • Distinguish your company as a sponsor who is involved with high-profile, creative and unique events.

For venue or team owners, card stunts will…

  • Attract national and local television and print media.
  • Provide season ticketholders with a fun, memorable and interactive way to be part of the game.
  • Create an impressive and unique image celebrating the accomplishments of your team.
  • Create an impressive photo opportunity showcasing your team name and logo in the largest possible format.
  • Many card stunt photos are turned into posters that often become best sellers.

For corporate events or team building exercises, card stunts will…

  • Create a memorable bonding experience for participants
  • Build rapport and cooperation among team members
  • Generate excitement and positive emotions toward your corporation and brand
  • Promote your brand and marketing strategy
  • Result in striking images and video to use in marketing collateral

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