Kivett Productions is a full-service production company that specializes in Stadium Card Stunts, Corporate Card Stunts and Giant Flag Presentations. Our turnkey production process is designed so there is very little work for our clients. After providing initial information about the venue and the designs, our clients can sit back, relax and watch the magic unfold.

Below is a list of steps we take to create spectacular cards stunts for your next sporting event, corporate event or promotion:

  • We build the stadium/venue in our computer utilizing the venue seating diagram, seating manifest and wide-angle photographs of the seats.
  • We create designs based on client input using team/company logos and exact PMS colors.
  • After the stadium/venue is built in our computer, we overlay the designs onto the computer model.
  • Once the card stunt designs are approved, we design the copy and logo layout for the individual cards. Normally, we print the instructions on one side of the card and the sponsor logo/team logo on the opposite side.
  • Once the card layout is approved, we print the cards.
  • After the printing is complete, we die cut a “viewing rectangle” into each card so the audience can look through the cutout and virtually “disappear” behind the cards.
  • The next step is to fold the cards and place them in protective plastic bags.
  • When we insert the cards into the plastic bags, we can also insert a sponsor’s coupon, brochure or product sample. This allows the sponsor’s message to be in the hands of its target audience for the duration of the event.
  • Next we sort and box the cards by row and section.
  • Once the cards are sorted, we ship them to the stadium/venue.
  • One or two days before the event, we bring in volunteer groups to help tape the cards to the seats. The volunteer groups are paid an honorarium based on the number of man-hours worked. A team from Kivett Productions is on-site to coordinate this effort.
  • We write instructional announcements for the PA announcer to read before the card stunt takes place. These announcements let the audience know when the card stunts will take place and how to hold the card.
  • When it’s time to perform the card stunt, we have a team of Card Stunt Leaders positioned at the base of each section. The Leaders hold up large cue cards that instruct the audience to get ready for the card stunts and when to perform the card stunts.

If you would like more information or a cost estimate, please contact Joe Kivett at 407-342-0752 or