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Autism Speaks – 2008

Kivett Productions created the Autism Speaks Card Stunt to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day. The Autism Speaks Card Stunt took place on April 2, 2008, in front of the United Nations Building in New York City.
Joe Kivett
April 2, 2008

Super Bowl XXX Halftime Show Card Stunt

This is one of two card stunts produced for the Super Bowl 30 Halftime Show. The show starred Diana Ross. Super Bowl XXX paired the Dallas Cowboys against the champion Pittsburgh Steelers to decide the National Football League 1995 season champion.
Joe Kivett
January 28, 1996

Super Bowl XXV Halftime Show Card Stunt

This is one of two card stunts performed during the Super Bowl 25 Halftime Show. The show was produced by Walt Disney World Creative Entertainment, and it celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Super Bowl and the 25th anniversary of Walt Disney World.
Joe Kivett
January 27, 1991

Sports Illustrated Cover – November 26, 1956

A “HI TV FANS” Card Stunt was featured on the Cover of Sports Illustrated on November 26, 1956. The 1950s were the Heyday of Card Stunts. The 1950s saw more Card Stunts than any other decade because many colleges were creating Card Stunts at their football games.
Joe Kivett
November 26, 1956