Joe Kivett (left) and Team.

Joe Kivett (left) and team at Chivas stadium card stunt Mexico.

It all started on January 27, 1991, in Tampa Stadium, during Super Bowl XXV. Walt Disney Entertainment had been hired to produce the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and Joe Kivett (owner of Kivett Productions), who was working for Walt Disney Entertainment at the time, was put in charge of creating two card stunts for the show. The card stunts would include 70,000 football fans at the World’s premier sporting event. After nearly five months of figuring out how to create a card stunt, Joe and his team successfully created two amazing card stunts for the Super Bowl XXV Halftime Show.

About five months later, a gentleman named Steve Carroll, who was producing the Super Bowl XXVI Halftime Show in Minneapolis, contacted Joe’s Senior Producer at Disney. Steve wanted to know if it would be OK for Joe to create a few card stunts for the Super Bowl XXVI Halftime Show. Joe’s Senior Producer agreed, and Joe now officially had a side business.

The next project for Joe and his team was the Jacksonville Jaguars Inaugural Game, followed by the 1996 World Series.

Each year brought a few more card stunts. Currently, Joe and his team create between 15 and 25 card stunts each year.

For more than 20 years now, Joe and his team have created some of the most spectacular card stunts in the world. They have worked with clients such as NASCAR, the National Football League, Major League Baseball, Microsoft, Boeing and the United States Treasury Department. Their card stunts have amazed billions of people while being featured in three Super Bowl Halftime Shows, two World Series games, television specials, ten Dallas Cowboys’ Thanksgiving Day Halftime Shows and numerous other high-profile events.

Joe’s team created seven card stunts for the World Championships in Athletics in Edmonton, Alberta. In August 2007, they created the world’s largest card stunts with 130,000 NASCAR fans for the Sharpie 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Joe also takes pride in producing world class customized experiences for corporations, from corporate team building exercises to unique public promotions.

It is this history of stadium spectaculars that has earned Kivett Productions the reputation of being the premier card stunt producer in the entertainment industry!

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