Smartphone Light Shows

Introducing Smartphone Light Shows!

Spectators can have fun participating in venue-wide “light shows” using the smartphones they already have!

smart-phone-light-showWhat is it?

Smartphone Light Shows are a complete system for creating, producing, and scheduling animated light shows using spectator smartphones. The system will transform an entire venue or stadium into a video display with images, words, patterns, logos, and more!

How does it work?

1. We define your stadium/venue in our computer using detailed seating charts and photographs.

2. We create an animated video for each show containing your animated content, or you can supply your own video. A web-based simulator will demonstrate what the videos will look like as light shows in your venue.

3. We schedule the Smart Phone Light Shows with one or more light shows ready to go.

4. We write instructional announcements for the PA announcer to read before the light shows take place.

5. On the day of the event, spectators just open a small app on their iPhone or Android device and tell it where they are sitting: section, row, and seat.

6. Shows can be started at a specific time by spectators tapping the screen, or by remote control. No matter how the shows start, the smartphones are synchronized to always start light shows together.

What types of shows are possible?

Smartphone Light Shows can use either smartphone screens (full color) or camera flashes (white). Screen-based shows, which temporarily turn screens up to full brightness, are best for indoor venues. Flash-based shows work well with either indoor or outdoor venues.

How many shows can be produced for an event?

Smartphone Light Shows support an unlimited amount of shows per event, though we recommend using six or less for maximum participation and fun! We also recommend that shows last between 25 and 35 seconds.

When should light shows be displayed?

Just like traditional Card Stunts, Smartphone Light Shows light shows should happen when the most people are in their seats, typically right before the event begins, during halftime, and/or between periods. A venue PA announcer along with large venue video screens help get the participants ready for the light shows and start them when the time comes.

How can sponsors be recognized?

The best way for sponsors of Smartphone Light Shows light shows to be recognized is to include their name or logo at the end of the show.  We can also embed QR codes in the app that allow participants to get discounts for food, beverage, and merchandise at the event.

How much lead time is needed to get things ready?

The most time-consuming part of the process is defining the stadium/venue for the first time and creating the animated videos. A four-week lead time is preferred, but it can be done faster.

For more information and a price quote, please contact Joe Kivett at 407-342-0752 or email