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Kivett Productions was hired by Touchdown Entertainment to produce two audience card stunts and one field card stunt for the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show which featured Coldplay, Beyonce’ and Bruno Mars. 72,000 fans at Levi’s Stadium participated in the audience card stunts which took 120 workers 10 hours to install. 265 performers made up the field card stunt which was the Pepsi logo (Pepsi was the Halftime Show sponsor).





One of the first steps in producing a Billboard Card Stunt is creating the Card Stunt designs.

Based on the client’s input, we then superimpose the card stunt design over a digital photograph of the venue. This allows the client to see exactly how the Card Stunt will look.

If a client is seriously interested in a Billboard Card Stunt for an upcoming event, we will be happy to create sample designs at no cost. All we need is a digital photograph of the venue, and design input along with preferred colors.